Bolder Bodywork

Integrative Therapeutic Massage and Yoga

Hi! My name is Taylor Lee!

I was first introduced to massage and yoga as a child while I perused my families collection of books and was drawn to books about bodywork, and felt intrigued by pictures of people looking relaxed and connected. When I was in middle school, my older brother became a massage therapist. Again, I was drawn to the power of bodywork, as I was able to experience receiving sports massage as a guinea pig for his training, and see the lovely, relaxing atmosphere of a spa when I saw his first workplaces. More than anything, I saw an amazing skill develop in him of being able to empathize and read people's emotional and mental state through their bodies, and to then address those states through bodywork, and I wanted to develop that skill in life.

While in High School, I experienced a tremendous upheaval in my life, moving to a different state and experiencing traumatic life events. While in physical therapy for a low back injury, I experienced first hand the healing powers of body centered therapy and touch.  At this young age, I quickly realized the deep connection of my body and my emotions, and felt drawn to helping others in a similar way.

I began my journey as a bodyworker by taking a massage class at Colorado Mountain College my senior year of High School in Glenwood Spring in 2004, it was there that i decided this would be the career path for me. I attended Boulder College of Massage therapy from 2005-2007, with my focus on Sports and Orthopedic massage, while keeping my style open to energetic and Integrative massage. The early years of my career were highly focused on structural bodywork.

In 2009 I became a young mother, and dove into studies in prenatal and postpartum massage. I felt drawn to birth support and studied to become a doula. I love serving new mothers and their support group, to help foster a generation of connected, loving families

After my second child was born, I began feeling drawn to the more subtle arts of the body and mind. After years of doing deep tissue bodywork and taking care of two little boys, I began to feel drained and also witnessed so much more happening beyond the muscles in my work and my life. This took me to study with John and Anna Chitty at Colorado School of Energy Studies, where I studies Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and became a Polarity Life Coach. These studies deepened my knowledge of the nervous systems role in our bodies and lives. These modalities are now woven into every massage. I strive to give deep, connected, and skillful hands on treatment work, while maintaining an awareness of the nervous system and its role in the body. I use verbal skills from my Life Coach training to aid in deepening awareness of the mind and body connection and soothe the nervous system. My style of bodywork is truly Holistic, it is my goal to have my clients feeling more whole in nature after each session.

Through all of this, I have practiced yoga and found it a beautiful compliment to the life of a mother and massage therapist. It helps me feel strong, grounded, and connected. I have always been amazed at how skillful yoga teachers seem to know what is happening for me in mind and body, and to guide me through poses and experiences in my mind and body through their words.  The balance of challenge and relaxation that happens in a yoga class has helped me balance challenge and relaxation in my day to day life. I recently finished my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Colorado School of Yoga, and I am looking forward to incorporating these new skill as a Yoga teacher with you soon!

Be well and Namasté!